Monday, December 31, 2012


The population of Argentina is not huge it is around 40,000,000. But it does have a very large city Buenes Ares which has around 11,000,000 people. Lots of people also live in the pampas, a flat land good for ranching and farming.

Natural Resources

As I said in Climate and Vegetation, Argentina grows lots of wheat corn and other grains. They also grow grapes. Argentina exports fantastic quality beef and poultry.

Climate and Vegetation

 The weather is mild to the northeast of Argentina. They have wet and cool winters and warm to hot summers. Southeast of Argentina is dry. They have hot summers with a warm to cold winter. Some things they grow are corn, they are also one of the top producers of wheat in the world, they also grow other  types of grain. They have vast fruit orchards where they grow grapes that they make in to wine, they also have apples, soybeans and sugar cane. Those are some foods they grow but they also have lots of spainash moss.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Physical Geography

There are lots of amazing landforms in Argentina. Here are some examples of the different types of landforms. The rugged and jagged Andes mountains border western Argentina very few people live near these mountains. Iron and ore are some metals that they mined there. These mountains also separate Chile from Argentina. Guess what? beside all of this information it is also the biggest landform in Argentina. Another cool landform is Petro Mareno, a large glacier that lies south region of Patagonia in Argentina.

Argentina's Andes Mountains


Argentina is located in the continent of South America. The body of water that surrounds it is the Atlantic Ocean East of Argentina. Some countries that are surrounding Argentina, are Chile to the west, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil to the north, and Uruguay to the East.