Wednesday, January 2, 2013




Here you can see what the underlined words mean.........

  • Poultry: Chicken.
  • Democracy: A government system in which legal members of the country elect there leader.
  • Dictatorship: a government ruled by a dictator. A dictator is a person that declares to rule a country.
  • Monarchy: A government where they pass down the rulers place by blood.
  • Executive Branch:The main leader.
  • Legislative Branch: Helps make laws.
  • Judicial Branch: Upholds the law.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Personal Reflection

I think this project was a good thing for the students to learn about other countries. Like the culture there the education the land and so on. I also thought this was a good time for us to practice handling our time and our researching skills. I hope that this project has interested others as much as it has interested me. I picked Argentina at first because I thought it had cool and fun name, but as I got more into the project I saw that Argentina did not just have a interesting name but it over all was interesting. Some day I would like to go to Argentina and see all of its beauty up close and not through a picture. I hope every one has enjoyed reading my project as much as I have enjoyed making this project.


Imagine you lived in Argentina. Your school would be a lot more different then it is here. If you went to school there you would have to where a smock to school so you do not get your clothes dirty. This smock is called a guadapolvos. Say you have a younger sybling in pre-k, they would march into there class room in a single line with there hands on the hips of the person in front of them. Also when we usually are on summer vacation they are at school! This is so because they are on the southern hemisphere so our summer is there winter!


Argentina is a democracy. There president is Cristina Fenandez De Kircher. The three branches are the executive, legislative and judicial. The executive is the strongest branch. The President can serve up two two terms each serves for four years. Here is a fun fact instead of the white house there is the pink house or as they call it Casa Rosada. I think the people of Argentina would be very happy with there government because they do not have a dictatorship or a monarchy.

There is a blue stripe at top and bottom with a white stripe in the middle. There is a sun, also known as the Sun of May, in the middle of the white stripe that has 32 rays that alternate between straight and wavy. The sun is also the symbol of the Incan god Inti


Peso is the standard money they use in Argentina. Argentina is mostly middle class. In the early 1900's they still had lots of money, but then around the 1930's they lost some of that money and are now mostly middle class.

Social Structure

Family is very important to people in Argentina. Family is important to people because even the godparents go to there sport events and gives them gifts on holidays. Also the grandparents uncles and aunts some times will live with the family. If you lived in the city you would probably live in an apartment but if you lived in the suburbs you would probably live in a house.


Argentina has lots of festivals. One of there festivals is Vendimia a festival thanking the rich soil for the grapes. Another festival is the snow festival where they honor the snowy mountains. They also have a festival for the sea. As you can see Argentines show that they are thankful for all of there natural resources.


Argentina's main language is Spanish. Most Argentines have land where they farm and care for animals. Argentina has fantastic meat, such as beef and chicken. Most Argentines are Catholic. During Christmas, instead of having Santa they have Papa Noel who is the same person but with a different name. They love to dance, one of there favorite dances is the tango. They like tango so much that they have an international tango festival every year.

Buenos Aires Tango Festival